Putting the coarse crushing in the underground to avoid the ground dust and noise pollution; filling the goaf with waste residue and tailings to minimize environmental disturbance caused by waste residue and tailings; the heating equipment adopts energy-saving electric boiler to eliminate the influence of flue gas on environment; two sets of buried water systems are built, which directly recycles industrial water with a utilization rate of 95%, the fresh water s’ consumption is controlled within 0.2 cubic meters per ton of ore, the treated domestic wastewater has been used for greening to realize zero discharge of wastewater.


The functional layout of the mine is scientific and reasonable, the stepped layout of plants 

realize the self-flow transportation of pulp.



After the treatment of flotation wastewater and domestic wastewater reaches the 

standard, it’s used for secondary production and green irrigation and clean.


The treated domestic wastewater is used for environmental greening and the industrial 

water is directly recycled to achieve zero discharge.


The tailings dump project has won the national invention patent as well as the national 

utility model patent.