Jin hui Zhengnengliang Foundation is a non-public, non-profit social organization jointly funded and established by Jinhui investors Li Ming and his wife Du Nan together with Jinhui mining etc, which is mainly engaged in disaster rescue, poverty alleviation, social welfare and charity activities. Since its establishment, the foundation has set the aim to spread industry for repaying the nation, helping the poor and repaying the society, it has invested heavily in education, earthquake relief, flood relief, epidemic fighting, crisis relief and other public welfare undertakings, benefiting tens of thousands of people.




Fighting the epidemic and overcoming the difficultiesTargeted poverty alleviation and public welfare education

The Liming primary school in Zhouzui village, Jialing town,

 improving the local education environment




The riverbank project after treatment in Jiangkou village

Building the life square and the Party member activity

center in Luoba village

Building the residential community and cultural square in

 Zhouzui village