On the basis of building the “six underground systems” and the tailings dump online monitoring system with high standards, an additional investment of more than 300 million has been made to build well-equipped and fully functional safety and rescue facilities. The safety production control centerintegrating safety supervision, production scheduling, emergency command, and the control center for mining and mineral processing have been built with high standards. Nearly 1,000 monitoring stations have been set up in production and living areas, forming a safety monitoring network that covers all areas above and below the mining area. The information and location of everyone in the well can be accurately grasped at any time through strict well entry security and personnel positioning. A mine emergency rescue center has been set up, along with a security team, fire brigade, emergency rescue team, and a helicopter rescue system, it has been listed as a non-coal mine emergency rescue base in Gansu province, effectively enhancing the mine safety and forest fire protection capability.


Establish a long-term mechanism of safety production and regularly conduct training and 

emergency drills on safety production, fire control and so on.


The emergency rescue system ensures the emergency treatment of special situations such 

as mine emergency rescue, forest fire prevention and surrounding mining rescue.



The mining equipment is operated remotely and controls multiple vehicles by a single; the dressing production realizes single person having multi- post by the remote computer; 

the automatic control system adopts DCS workstation to realize visualization, information and digitalization of the mining selection process control.


The six safety system can effectively track and monitor the safety status of underground 

operations, which greatly improves the ability of emergency refuge and rescue.


The self-developed “safety production education online training management system”

 realizes the networking, systematization and normalization of safe work.