The loss and dilution rates have been effectively reduced by the drift type backfilling method. The whole tailings backfilling has been adopted to make the tailings be reused, reduce the security pillar at the same time, greatly increase the mining recovery and maximize the utilization of resources, the mining recovery has reached 92.35%. The advanced “Potential Regulation” flotation has been adopted in the mineral processing system to maximize the recovery and utilization of valuable metals such as lead, zinc and silver, the recovery rate of lead and zinc has reached 93.913% and 95.696% respectively, the recovery rate of silver associated in lead concentrate has reached 90.8%, and the comprehensive recovery rate of lead, zinc and silver has been in the international leading level.  


The whole tailings are used to cement backfilling the underground goaf, which improves 

the utilization rate of resources, guarantees the safe production and protects 

the eco-environment.



The use of large-scale high-efficiency and energy-saving equipment has changed the

 traditional processing mode and significantly improved the mining management level.


Using the advanced “Potential-Controlled” flotation and high efficient agent scheme, 

the comprehensive indices of processing are in the international leading level.


 Many blind and edge ore-bodies were found by using the 3D modeling system to 

guide prospecting and underground mining.