Jin Hui mining collaborative innovation base expert technical team, led by soup neutral academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, the core members by engineering, Ph.D., senior engineer xin-hu zhang, national design masters, senior engineer zi-hui Chen, national science and technology progress prize winner, senior engineer XiaoYun represented by professional talent team of high quality, The main research topics and directions are in the aspects of mine production and exploration, ore prospecting prediction in the periphery of the mining area, increasing resource reserves, deposit genesis and so on. Province talent training base and Jin Hui mining institute, carry out at the hui county guo pb-zn deposit ore controlling factors and ore body positioning research, and the metallogenic field concealed pb-zn deposit metallogenic prediction and practices such as technology research and technical innovation project, the guo home groove pb-zn deposit geological background, mining area structure, lithology, geochemistry, alteration and other features in-depth study, The controlling factors of the deposit and the variation rule of the ore body are summarized, and the boundary of the ore body is precisely delineated, which lays a good foundation for the upgrading of the resources and reserves.



Academician Tang Zhongli pointed out during his visit to Jinhui Mining Industry: Jin Hui mining is developed in recent years to star mining companies, is a more valuable Jin Hui near the beginning of the construction of mining with advanced concept, ecological mining, green mining as the fundamental enterprise development, and put the Jin Hui mining into the country and the world first-class green mining, become one of the few green demonstration base in mines, the consensus of the social from all walks of life. I will lead the team to strengthen the cooperation between the institute and enterprises and integrate the most advanced green exploration concepts and best talents into Jinhui Mining, so as to give suggestions and add bricks and tiles to make Jinhui Mining stronger and bigger.

The core members of Jinhui Mining expert team

  Tang Zhongli   born in 1934, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the first-class professor of Chang’an University, doctoral tutor, winner of the Li Siguang Award, deposit geologist, famous mineral exploration export at home and abroad.

Zhang Xinhu   born in 1963, doctor, professor-level senior engineer, Gansu’ leader of Prospecting Guide Expert Group of MLR, part-time professor at Lanzhou University, master tutor, national certified mineral reserves appraiser, the first- level leading talent of Gansu province, national outstanding sci-tech worker, academician of the Aus IMM, mainly engaged in regional mineralization and prospecting research.

  Meng Xingmin   born in 1963, doctor, professor, doctoral tutor, director of Lanzhou University’s geology and mineral school, the first- level leading talent of Gansu province, national outstanding sci-tech worker, prominent teacher of the RHUL, mainly engaged in geological structure and geological disaster research.

Jiao Jiangang    born in 1976, doctor, professor, postgraduate tutor, vice president of Chang’an University’s geology school, mainly engaged in mineralization and prospecting research related to magmatism.

  Zhang Xiang    born in 1966, doctor, professor-level senior engineer, vice president of Gansu Geological Survey Institute, winner with the State Council Special Allowance,, the second- level leading talent of Gansu province, mainly engaged in solid mineral and clean energy exploration, soil investigation and remediation, etc.

Zhang Shixin     born in 1962, doctor of engineering, professor-level senior engineer, special researcher of Counselors’ Office of Gansu Provincial Government, visiting professor of China University of Geosciences(Wuhan).

Chen Zihui     born in 1963, national design master, professor-level senior engineer of mining, engaged in design, mining construction organization of large mining enterprises for more than 30 years, with rich experience in mining and selection.

Xiao Yun    born in 1967, professor-level senior engineer of mineral processing, won the second prize of national S&T progress award and the national May Day labor medal, enjoy the State Council Special Allowance, engaged in mineral processing research for nearly 30 years, with rich experience in mineral processing.

In recent years, dozens of academicians, such as Bai Chunli, president of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Zhizhen, vice chairman of CPPCC, Cai Meifeng, Mo Xuanwen, Mao Jingwen, Wu Qiang, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Yuan Yaxiang, Tian Gang, Jiang Song, Zhang Pingwen, Chinese Academy of Sciences, have visited Jinhui Mining for research and guidance.