Development and governance exist at the same time, invest hundreds of millions in ecological environmental protection, and take engineering and biological measures for all slopes to geological disasters, the greening mining rate has reached 100% of the greening area, avoiding the surface subsidence, slope collapse and other geological disasters, and realizing seamless greening and beautification. A series of leisure and sightseeing facilities, such as the Sakura Route, Welcome Falls and Guest- Greeting Pine, have been built with high standards, thus exploring a new way of “scenic mine and ecological industry”. As some media have reported, walking around the Jinhui mining, there are really three quarters of flowers, four seasons of evergreen, underground factory, aboveground garden.


Making every effort to reduce the disturbance of resource development to ecological 

environment and protect the mining natural ecology.


Taking engineering and biological measures to build retaining walls and slopes to solve 

soil erosion and beautify the mining environment.


Trees and flowers are planted in the mining, such as Photinia, greeting pines, magnolia,

sakura and so on, flowering four seasons and graceful surrounding.


The natural landscape and the cultural landscape complement each other. The forest, grass, flowers and trees are verdant. The bees fly and the butterflies dance. The flowers are

fragrant. The mining area looks like a pearl in the green mountains.