People-oriented · Caring staff

Respect people sincerely, use people best, love people meticulously, move people roundly. In Jinhui, there are only employees but no migrants, can’t let employees live in unaffordable housing, or their families look down upon illness, or their children out of school.

Pursuit of excellence · Strive for top-notch

Build a world-class ecological, environmental, secure, digital green mine, change the traditional development mode, and create a new image of green mine.



Technological leading · Green development

Implement the “green development” strategy, independent research and extensive use of new technologies, processes and equipment, to build a digital, ecological, tourism, human mine with technologically advanced, energy-efficient, safety-assured and environmentally friendly.

Serving the community · Inclusive win-win

Pursue the inclusive win-win and harmonious development goal of the company increases revenue, employee gets benefits, society receives public benefit, ecology is better, Party building has promotion.