News of Jinhui Mining in 2018
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1. The production line of Jinhui Mining 1.5 million tons/year lead-zinc mining project is put into production.

In April, Jinhui Mining obtained the safety production license, marking that the million tons/year lead-zinc mining project was put into production and the company shifted from the construction period to production and operation period.



2. The provincial and city safety production on-site meeting is held in Jinhui Mining.

On April 20, the provincial safety production on-site meeting was held in Jinhui Mining. The party secretary and director of the provincial emergency management department Guo Heli, Directors of 14 cities and counties Safety Supervision Bureau, entrepreneurs of key mines totally more than 140 people attended the meeting. The meeting held that Jinhui Mining earnestly implemented the “Five development concepts” and took actions to practice the safe development concept of General Secretary Xi Jinping.






3. The construction of green mine is widely concerned by the public.

From June 20 to 24, the academicians’ first stop of green mine, sponsored by the Green Mine Promotion Committee, walked Jinhui Mining to carry out activities of academic communication, observation and investigation. Cai Meifeng, academician of CAS, awarded Jinhui Mining with the flag of “Academician visit of green mine—First in Jinhui Mining”; Jinhui Mining was identified as “the vice- chairman of Green Mine Promotion Committee” and “the standardized demonstration base of green mine construction”. The Provincial Department of Natural Resources pointed out in the congratulation of academician visit that Jinhui Mining is a typical of the green mine construction. 




On the afternoon of July 28, the awarding ceremony of “Gansu Green Mine Demonstration Base--Jinhui Mining” was held in conference room 1 on the 13th floor of the Training Center. Wang Ziteng, president of the Provincial Mining Federation, conferred the honorary medal of “Gansu Green Mine Demonstration Base” to Jinhui Mining.




From August17to 19, the “forum on green mine construction and innovative development in the new era” was held in Jinhui Mining. Representatives of academicians, experts and entrepreneurs from CAE, CNFA, CUMT, CSU, Bayin Nonferrous Group Co., Ltd, Western Mining, Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd and other institutions attended the forum.






4. Secretary of the Provincial Committee, Lin duo makes the important instructions.

On July 9, Lin duo, Secretary of the Provincial Committee, said “experience can be promoted to set a benchmark and publicize it” in the article “Building mines as scenic spots—the green development practice of Jinhui Mining,” specially provided by Xinhua News Agency.




5. CCTV News live reports on the safety and environmental protection work of Jinhui Mining.

On August 4, CCTV News interviewed and live reported the safety and environmental protection work of Jinhui Mining in the tailing pond, parking apron and underground safe passage with the title of “Tailings pond’s flood prevention during the flood season, how to control the pollution in underground mine?”.

Around the tailings pond’s flood prevention during the flood season and the pollution process in underground mine, the live report focused on a series of measures, such as the mining and processing technique, energy saving, resources recovery and utilization, ecological environment governance and caring staff, for a comprehensive, in-depth and multi-perspective analytical report. The live report lasted for 1 hour 20 minutes and attracted 106, 000 views, received considerable acclaim.


6. The provincial green mine construction site meeting is held in Jinhui Mining.

From August 29 to 30, the provincial government held the green mine construction site meeting in Jinhui Mining. Li bin, then vice provincial governor, attended the meeting and pointed out: set Jinhui Mining as a model of green mine construction to promote the good experiences and practices of green, set a benchmark for green development, advertise and promote the construction effect, and comprehensively promote the provincial green mine construction to a new higher level in the province.


7. Jinhui Mining takes the lead in establishing the academician expert workstation

On October 24, the opening ceremony of Jinhui Mining academician expert workstation was held in the multi-function hall, which marked the establishment of the work station. In the opening ceremony, the Provincial Talent Office awarded Jinhui Mining as “Talent training base in Gansu province”.

8. The mechanized mining is steadily promoted

In 2018, the company fully promoted the mechanization of mining production. Under the correct guidance of the expert technical team, optimizing the construction organization, the mechanized operations reached about 75%, and the labor productivity increased 5.87 times higher than the beginning of the year. “The Four Modernizations” management of mechanized the mining operations, front-line the production management, miniaturized the construction teams and standardized the quality management was steadily promoted.


9. The ore dressing index ascends the international leading level

In 2018, after optimizing and improving the ore dressing system and process, the recovery rate of lead and zinc reached 92.04% and 95.23% respectively, breaking the domestic leading level and ascending the international leading level; the recycling utilization rate of the dressing backwater was above 95%, and the new water consumption of ton-ore was only 0.2 cubic meters, which ensured the safety of the tailings pond’s dam body and reduced the unit consumption of flotation reagents; the operation efficiency of the dressing equipment was greatly improved, and the daily maximum throughput reached 6174 tons, which lowered the dressing cost.